Thursday, June 8, 2017

Freret Beer Room musings

I'm enjoying the concept of doing blog posts while avoiding both 1) work (of course) and 2) political shit on Twitter. Today, I wish to extoll upon the awesomeness of the Freret Beer Room.

FBR's been open for about 6 months and it is killing it with both the food and the beer. I had a keg of Cuz I Said So beer sent there and today they did a charcuterie pairing with it and a salami piccante from Framani. I went over there to check it out:

Obviously this was just a snack, so I ordered one of their specials, a tomato and burrata tartine, which was absolutely phenomenal. It's got the grilled bread that I've already fallen in love with (from the mussels dish), summer tomatoes, and burrata, which is like the cheese of the gods.

I also had the meatballs (on their regular menu) which comes with polenta, and another special, blistered PadrĂ³n peppers. (I did not plan on having these but I was awfully happy it worked out that way.)

Everything I've had here has always been great - quality ingredients, creative but comforting dishes, and of course, they all pair well with beer.

Ah, beer. You can check out the beer menu online, it's always up to date. Also helpful, the beers on deck are listed, so you can see what's coming up after the current beers blow. They have 16 taps, so it's a small but very thoughtful selection, with everything from Bell's Oberon to Cascade Bourbonic Plague.

The dessert menu is crazy awesome - I don't know if Chef Charles is doing them or if they've brought someone in. I also ordered a peach clafoutis with blueberries and sweet-salty chantilly (to go) and Tom and I gobbled it up so fast that photos weren't possible. Other desserts that look amazeballs: ginger-honey bread pudding, creme caramel with curry pecans and a coconut meringue crisp, dark chocolate ganache tart with peanut-espresso crumble and creme fraiche.

Like, I look at the dessert menu and it's ALL DELICIOUS WORDS. And then the drooling begins. (CLAFOUTIS!!)

This place makes me so happy! The food, the vibe, the service, and of course, the beer. I don't mean to be all gushing about it, but I've had several awesome experiences there and I wanted to share. Go check it out!

Note: the meatballs and blistered peppers were gifts from the kitchen.

Tuesday, June 6, 2017

A few extra minutes

I guess giving up Gambit and Southern Brew News has given me a few extra minutes to post something here, which is good. Even though I don't get paid for updating my website, it's still all mine and an important part of communicating to the public.

Monday, May 15, 2017

Learning and Growing and Caring and Sharing

This blog was my foray into the world of Louisiana craft beer. It's led to so many opportunities to write about beer and food - but after four years of writing professionally, it's time to move to the next level.

Scrolling back through my entries over the last 4 years, you can see that... well, there aren't very many of them. I mostly express myself through my professional print and online work for local and national publications. Also, social media... usually Facebook. But also Twitter and Instagram. And Tumblr, where I post my latest work.

Wednesday, October 26, 2016

Content is King

So this blog got a couple of shoutouts in the last week or so. 

First off, I was notified that I made the list of 100 best beer blogs as compiled by Feedspot (an aggregation site). #99 baybee! 99, heh.

Sunday, September 18, 2016

Louisiana Craft Brewer Week is here!

This week (Sept. 18-25) is the fourth Louisiana Craft Brewer Week.

We've come a long way, with even more on the horizon.

Go forth and celebrate.

Thursday, September 8, 2016

So, you want me to write about your beer event...

I love writing about upcoming beer events. It's what I do! I help breweries/bars/restaurants get the word out and I help beer lovers find cool stuff to do.

However, there are some logistical issues that I feel should be obvious to those who want me to write about stuff, but in practice, appear not to be.

1) It is in no way necessary to comp me for the event for me to cover it. Let's repeat that: IT IS IN NO WAY NECESSARY TO COMP ME FOR THE EVENT FOR ME TO COVER IT. If I get an offer, I may accept, but that's absolutely not why I write about events. Why DO I write about events? Well....

2) ...first of all, the event should be interesting. Fifty cents off a pint plus some swag isn't super newsworthy. Is there a new or hard to find beer being served? Will the brewer be there? Is it a beer dinner? With the exception of ACBW or LaCBW, I don't do listings, I tell stories. For example, there was an interesting sounding event a while back, when the food and beer were sourced from the same farm, but I didn't hear about it until less than 2 weeks beforehand, so there was little I could do with the info.

3) I need to know about it about a month ahead of time. OK, two weeks. But that's it!
  • If I'm to write about it in the Gambit, lead time is two weeks MINIMUM, and depending on the day of the week it is, it might not be enough. Every week I write my column for online publication that Tuesday, and the print version is the Tuesday after that. I can't have stuff that's already passed by in the print version.
  • I do have the opportunity to do web only Gambit posts for stuff that comes up more at the last minute, but only if there's some meat on the bones of the story. I can't do a one paragraph thing for that. I'd need to interview a brewer, chef, someone like that to make it an actual story.
  • Eater no longer does single event writeups. Even compiling multiple ones in a single post is something they're moving away from. It's an editorial decision, and out of my hands.
4) If you send me event info, please make sure it's complete- date, time place. If people need to buy tickets, include that info. If there's a menu, include that. Let me know the breweries and beers involved. 

If you can't send the info in time, that's OK, but don't be mad that I didn't include it. I'll promote it on my social media, but there's not much else I can do about it at that point. 

I know I probably sound super bitchy, but it's because I WANT to write about your event. I WANT it to be successful. These aren't arbitrary rules I have in my head to make life difficult to beer event planners, these are my deadlines, and these are things I need to answer to my editors for. 

So, hopefully this clarifies some things, and writing about events will be a far less stressful (and sometimes thankless) process for all involved.