Bitching about Beer

Ok, so I actually do not want to bitch about beer, rather I come to praise it. Or something.

I do not know my place. I will always cause a ruckus.

I like beer. I drink a lot of it. I spend a lot of time drinking it and a lot of money as well. Money well spent, I say.

I'm kind of like a stealth beer lover. My husband is a brewer, and I make many requests of him, but little inclination to assist or compete. I'm super fucking lazy like that.

I actually have another blog already, But it's more my public blog, my family blog, my blog where I ruminate on any fucking thing that comes into my head. Well, without saying the word "fuck."

This blog is about beer. A lady drinking beer in New Orleans. It will be awesome, because I am awesome and beer is awesome.

To keep things on topic, I will report (and happily) that I spent tonight drinking some great beer at The Avenue Pub. The Avenue is finishing up their Belgian Beer Fest and I had:

* De Ranke Saison de Dottignies - this is a farmhouse style ale which I really enjoyed. It had a subtle spiciness and drinkibility that was a nice respite from the usual macho Belgian high ABV beers - 5.5% and super balanced and delicious.

* Unibroue Maudite - a Belgian strong dark ale, pretty much all you expect and want from a kickass belgian beer. Seriously, Unibroue are beer brewing gods along with Russian River, considering high quality and perfect fucking consistency of product. Damn.

* De la Senne Zinnebir, a Belgian "pale ale." This beer actually has none of the characteristics of what one would think would be a pale ale- the hop profile is minimal to practically nonexistent. Not to say this beer isn't worth drinking- it has a delicious maltiness and lacks the floral yeast flavors that often identifies a "Belgian" style of beer, which may be why it has been assigned the pale ale designation. It's interesting to note that "Belgian" is not just a style of beer, but also an entire nationality of brewers. Sure, many are brewing in the traditional way, but it's funny to think of a beer geek just chilling out homebrewing in Belgium, and it's automatically a Belgian style beer. Even if he's just doing like a brown ale out of a kit, like the first beer my husband brewed.

* Had a Blanche de Chambly, because I COULD NOT STOP WITH THE BELGIAN BEER ACTION. Tasty, for sure- drinkable and delicious. Nothing super duper special, but I was happy to be jaded like that, all "OMG, Blanche de Chamby, such a peasant beer."

I tell you what, the Avenue Pub WORKS IT. I never knew a bar back in Boston that hustled so hard to get a keg of something that couldn't be found in the rest of the state. It's like, they work harder for it, because it's so much harder here to get distribution. Mad ups to Polly, the owner and Eileen, the certified beer geek for looking out for us all.

Tonight, I did confess my predilection for drinking Miller Light, though. It as like confessing to my priest. The priest of good beer. "Bless me Polly, for I have sinned..."