Wednesday, November 17, 2010


I just saw the lineup for the upcoming Sam Adams Winter Collection 12-pack:

And I swooned gleefully! No, not because I am an ENORMOUS fan of Sam Adams or its winter collection. (though growing up in New England, I have a nostalgic affection for Old Fezziwig, most likely because of the AWESOME NAME.)

But because the Cranberry Lambic is NO MORE. My attitude toward Sam Adams in general may be neutral (I wish it no specific harm, but I don't care too much for the beer- a couple special beers are OK though- I like that Latitude 48 IPA.)

But I will dedicate an entire blog post to this news because indeed, I hated Cranberry Lambic THAT MUCH.

It was NASTY.

According to the Urban Dictionary:

Cranberry flavored urine, served as an alcoholic beverage. Made by Samuel Adams. Comes in holiday pack.

Seriously. Everyone hates this beer. It is like the Jar-Jar Binks of the beer world. At Beer Advocate, 876 beer drinkers/reviewers have given it a cumulative C+ (which I think is generous, but hey).

Cranberry Lambic has been puzzling Samuel Adams customers for years (WHY on earth have they been including it for so long?) but I am happy to announce:


(Jesus, that shit is Teh Nast. I'm grossed out just thinking about it for this long.)

Thank you, Samuel Adams Global Enterprises Ltd. LLC., Inc.!

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  1. I'm slightly worried that the Chocolate Bock will step up in the "weird desserty-sounding inaccurate beer style" category.