Two thoughts:

1) tried the Abita Christmas Ale on draft while having dinner at Mandina's and it was actually pretty good! I had fears of it being as horrible as Harpoon's Winter Warmer, but it was actually pretty dry and didn't have that malty sweetness that infiltrates a lot of their brews (most recently and disappointingly, the Abita Select Rye Pale Ale.) It had a decent spicy/bitterness going on. I liked it!

2) AM I SERIOUSLY WATCHING PEOPLE SPIT UP REGURGITATED CORN ON MY TELEVISION? Come ON, Calagione! Spitting and regurgitating- maybe later I'll head over to Bourbon Street to watch tourists puke and horses crap. Seriously? In case this piques your interest, this is the TV show I'm watching- Brew Masters. Also, if this piques your interest, gross.

Not a good day to be a lady working at Dogfish Head, people.


  1. The finished product looked kind of tasty, though, god help me.


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