New Beer's Eve

Happy New Year, beer lovahs. (Someone introduced their SO to me last night as their LOVAAAAAH, which is always good for a giggle.)

Anyway, I met up with some old college friends at Lucy's Retired Surfer's Bar and had a Miller Lite and 2 glasses of sangria. Beer count: 1

Then we drifted down Tchoupotoulas to the Ugly Dog Saloon, where they had NOLA Blonde, NOLA Brown, and Abita Jockimo IPA. We sat out on the veranda and enjoyed the warm weather with a few pints (1 Blonde and 2 IPAa). Beer count (running): 4

Hoofed across the St. Charles Ave circle to the Exxon for a case of beer and brought it back to their hotel room and had a couple (Modelo) while they got dressed to go out. Beer count: 5

Tom picked us up and we went off the the Avenue Pub where the Beer Buddha and his wife and some other Beer Advocaters were congregated. I had a Brooklyn EIPA, a Brooklyn Blast, a sample of a Yeti Imperial Stout (from Great Divide Brewing), and about a third of a bourbon barrel aged Abita Turbo Dog. Beer count: 7.5

We left by 10- I was DONE. We went home and split one of our auction beers, Black Damnation. Ooh, that was tasty. Total beer count for the night: 8

It was a fun night, full of beer and laughter, celebrating the end of the year with new friends and old friends. Here's to 2011, that beer and laughter continue to flow easily and happily.



  1. THAT'S why you left early. Didn't realize you had been drinking before you go there. Explains a lot. Happy New Year!




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