NOLA Brewing King Cake and beer tasting and brewery tour!

Man, I had a good time at NOLA Brewery on Friday. Not only did I have the day off work so I could go to the tour (held every Friday at 2pm) but also Haydel's was sponsoring a beer pairing with their king cake! What an excellent idea.

Here I am drinking and eating king cake and chatting with some nice beer fans. (photo courtesy NOLA Brewing's Facebook page)

To quote NOLA Brewing's blog:

About 30 of our good friends and fans converged on our Tchoupitoulas Street brewery to take a quick tour of our facilities before digging into some great Haydel’s King cake (and a special preview appearance of our unreleased Red Ale).

We asked everyone which of our brews they thought tasted the best with the slices of traditional king cake. The responses were very interesting, and should come in handy as Mardi Gras parades start rolling in a couple of weeks.

The 7th Street Wheat won handily, but this was me:

Brewer’s Crack – We had another adventurous beer drinker at the pairing, and this one chose to fill up half a pint glass with Hopitoulas and the other half with Irish Channel Stout to create the fabled Brewer’s Crack. (There will be a special cask of Brewer’s Crack at the Avenue Pub this Friday night. Tell your friends.)


Also, I believe there is some video out there of me drunkenly discussing my pairing of Brewer's Crack with King Cake. I'll post a link if it surfaces.

A photo of the delicious unreleased Red Ale being poured (again, from the NOLA Brewing FB page):

Yum. Meee. The Flambeau was excellent. I did NOT think it paired well with the king cake, as the subtle balance of malt and hops was masked by the sugary icing. But once I cleared up my palate, I enjoyed the beer very much. Red ales tend toward malty characteristics, in my experience, but the Flambeau has a very pleasant bitterness and hop aroma. But it still retains a malty presence. Very nimble! Can't wait to be drinking this come March.

Actually, New Orleanians, mark your calendars, NOLA Brewing will be debuting Flambeau Red at the Avenue Pub on Friday, February 26.