Best Beers for Mardi Gras Parades!

Hey, check out this article that the Beer Buddha wrote for the Gambit. It covers the Quarter, the CBD, Uptown, Mid-City, and Metarie.

Here are but a few words of wisdom.

In the end, what you like is all that matters, but I hope my list will introduce you to some new places or new beers to try. Right now the beer scene in New Orleans is burgeoning. Searching out new beers and drinking establishments can be quite the adventure, so have fun! Cheers and Happy Mardi Gras!

Also, his Top 10 tips for successful and good karmic beering HERE.

And finally, his suggestions for canned beer which is easy to transport and legally drink on the streets.

Check 'em all out.

Good work, Buddha! May I be fortunate enough to ride your coattails!