By the way...

If you didn't get to the NOLA Brewing Cascade Crack Cask event at the Avenue Pub last Friday, you missed an amazing beer. Here is how it's described by the brewery:

Join the brew crew this Friday for a cask-conditioned "Brewer's Crack." The NOLA version of a black and tan is made with NOLA Hopitoulas and NOLA Irish Channel Stout. Additionally, we have dry hopped the Brewer's Crack with fresh Cascade Hop Cones. Thus, we have Cascade Crack.

GODDAMN it was absolutely like crack. I was on my third mug of the stuff when the cask blew at 7pm. LOVED IT. It says a lot that I actually saved some of my beer for Tom who was on his way over (late) to drink. A LOT BECAUSE THAT BEER WAS AWESOME.

I know it's not the most sophisticated beer review, but honestly, my review is pretty much a Homer Simpson-esque, "[drooling noises]" Oddly enough, I cannot find video of the noises of pure Homer Simpson pleasure [shudder] that I want, so I will leave this video instead, which actually captures the rest of my Friday night, post-Cascade Crack Cask.