Quick Hit

Hey, I've been too busy drinking beer at Mardi Gras and parades to blog about doing so, which is a real shame. I am attending Top of the Hops this weekend and will report back on that...

Also, hats off to the Avenue Pub for keeping craft beer a-flowing through the parade season! Muses Thursday and Mardi Gras day I was so happy to have access to that delicious beer. The Avenue also is now busting into some amazing post-Mardi Gras beers that are delicious.

I also tip my hat to Cork & Barrel, who provided me with several delicious canned beer choices, including but not limited to, Fuller's London Pride! How awesome is that?

I part with a final recommendation: if you have the chance to try NOLA Brewing's latest beer, Flambeau Red, on cask, DO IT. DOOOOOOOOOO ITTTTTTTTTT.

God, that's good stuff. Perhaps the best cask ale I've had this side of the Atlantic.


  1. Yes.....Flambeau is awesome!!! (and so is Avenue Pub!)


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