Oops- Long Overdue Update

OK, well, it's been a while since I last updated, and that's my bad. This week has been a pretty nice beer week (although I was unable to participate in NOLA Brewing's Easter Keg Hunt on Sunday due to my mom's visit.)

We finally cracked into our bottle of Kwak that we'd had in our fridge for a couple months, used the Kwak glassware and drank it outside in the cool night air. I like Kwak- it's a very low-key Belgian that isn't fancy or funky, and smooth drinking despite the 8.1% ABV. Tom has fond memories of it from his time living in Belgium and it's made Kwak a sentimental favorite for us both.

The Avenue Pub has had some fun stuff- they just finished a cask series from NOLA Brewing over the last 3 weeks with their Blonde Ale dryhopped with 3 different hops: Sorachi hops last night, Citra hops last week, and Simcoe the week before that. We enjoyed them all, but I think the Sorachi one was the best. (though that could be because it's the most recent in my memory.)

Thursday night we stopped in the downstairs and had a few beers and enjoyed the company of Vickie and Beth. I had the Saison de Silly, Itchagem Grand Cru (a Flanders Red), and the Houblon Chouffe (Belgian double IPA). Tom tried the Kulbubier German unfiltered unpasturized kellebier, Rogue Chatoe Dirtoire schwartzbier, and the McChouffe, a Belgian strong dark Scottish style ale.

Tom loved the Kulbubier and the Dirtoire- they were both excellent lagers. The Saison de Silly was a very interesting Saison- much maltier than saisons tend to be, which gave the typical yeasty spiciness an unusual depth. Also, Vickie would serve it with a silly giggle, which was a great side benefit. The Itchagem was a malty sour with cherry aroma and a nice funkiness. Houblon Chouffe is a stellar beer- an incredibly balanced and complex pale yellow beer with a subtle but tasty hoppiness and citrus notes.

last night, in addition to several pints of the cask, I indulged in the Troubadour Obscura Belgian Stout and Monks Cafe oude Flanders red ale. The Troubadour is a Mild Stout/Belgian Strong Dark Ale, and a very interesting beer. Full of contradictions. The Monks Cafe beer was a really tasty example of the sour style.

PS, when we brought my mom in for a beer, she tried (and enjoyed) the Dieu du Ciel Rosee d' hibiscus, a Belgian style with infused with hibiscus flowers. She's not a beer drinker by any means, but she liked this one. And for good reason- it was sweet but also tart, and very refreshing and easy drinking. A good hot weather beer, I think.

Hopefully it won't be so long until my next update. Until then, enjoy your beering!