ACBW Super Saturday

Hooray, the culmination of New Orleans' ACBW celebration occurred yesterday with the Avenue Pub's Super Saturday beer tasting. $20 got you a ticket for 12 4-oz samples, with the opportunity for up to three bonus pours if you could produce receipts from other ACBW events. Which, of course, we could. So 15 pours! Let me see if I can remember what I had...

NOLA Sorachi Dry Hopped Blonde
NOLA Citra Dry Hopped Blonde
NOLA Amarillo Dry Hopped Blonde
NOLA Centennial Dry Hopped Blonde
NOLA Cascade Dry Hopped Blonde
Rogue Dad's Little Helper Black IPA (on cask)
Brooklyn Cuvee de Noire
Rogue John John Whiskey Barrel Aged Dead Guy Ale
Stone Highway 78 (Green Flash/Pizza Port Collaboration)
Red Brick Dog Days Hoppy Heffe
Rogue Capt. Sig's Northwestern Deadliest Ale
Abita Abbey Ale (on cask)
Moylan's ESB (on nitro)
Brooklyn EIPA (on cask)
Moylander Imperial IPA

My thoughts:

I just loved the entire NOLA hop variety vertical, served over 2 different ACBW sessions. Listening to the staff of the brewery talking on both Friday and Saturday, you could also tell that they had a blast putting it together. Playing with beer can be so much fun!

Recently, Rogue has come to my attention as a really thoughtful brewery with an exciting and excellent array of beers. I'd always known Rogue as the brewers of Shakespeare Stout and Dead Guy Ale, but I was never really that interested in them. I'm not sure if it's because Rogue's distribution has picked up in Louisiana, or if New England never really distributed the full lineup of beers, or if they are expanding their brewing, or if The Avenue Pub has been able to craft a relationship with the brewery/their distributors that bring beers here you just don't find anywhere else. Whatever it is, I've absolutely adored several of the beers I've had over the past month or so: the John John, the Capt. Sig, the Love & Hoppiness, the Chatoe Rogue series (have had the First Growth Single Malt and the Dirtoire Black Lager, and have the First Growth Creek in our stash, yet to be tasted,) the Charlie JLS Release #22, Dad's Little Helper Black IPA, and Yellow Snow IPA.

Rogue joins Stone as West Coast brewing stalwarts that I didn't give a tiny rat's ass about before I moved down here and now have my eyes opened. Possibly the sheer number of Northeast beers on the market at home overshadowed these two pioneers of the West Coast.

Speaking of Stone, I really enjoyed their collaboration beer with Green Flash and Pizza Port. It was a wee heavy style and quite drinkable even on a hot muggy day. Collaborations are usually a lot of fun and I always try any that come my way.

People seemed to have a great time, the Avenue staff (and volunteers) handled themselves and the rush with their typical grace and aplomb, and many, many thanks to Polly for putting together an amazing lineup of beers, not just on Super Saturday, but all week long.

Will be in CT for most of this upcoming week, and perhaps I might have the opportunity to sample and discuss some of the aforementioned Northeastern brews.

Hope everyone had a wonderful American Craft Beer Week! And don't wait till the next one to try something new and exciting...