Beer in New England

Have enjoyed a couple nice beers that we don't get in Louisiana.

Long Trail Unfiltered IPA- very nice and low key IPA from Vermont. Also had the Long Trail Ale on draft, an alt style ale that is malty, delicious, and highly drinkable.

BBC Steel Rail Pale Ale from Berkshire Brewing Company. The weather today was unexpectedly hot and sunny, and this was perfect to have coming in out of it after the funeral. Followed by Widmer's Double IPA.

Also tried: Naughty Nurse Amber/Pale Ale from a City Steam, local Hartford brewery. Pleasant drinking, nothing too special, but fine and dandy for pre-wake drinking.

Found a bomber of Blue Point Rastafa Rye Ale at the package store- given my weakness for rye beers and Blue Point Brewing, it was a gimme. Was at room temp at the store, and we have no fridge in our room. So between last night and tonight, we iced it down several times in the ice bucket till it was chilled.

Ooh, tasty. Seriously beautifully hopped combined with the spiciness of the rye malt.

We are hoping to get the supplies to check a bag full of beers for a fundraiser for a local New Orleans chef, Nathaniel Zimet, who got shot in an attempted armed robbery over the weekend. Read more about emerging fundraising and support here and here. Wish us luck in our mission... WISH IT!