Saturday, May 28, 2011

Sorachi Ace by Brooklyn Brewery

Picked a bottle of this at Cork & Barrel a few months ago after Avenue Pub's Brooklyn Brewery's tasting. Sorachi Ace wasn't part of the tasting that night, but it was discussed. At that time I'd actually not heard of the Sorachi Ace hop, a rare Japanese grown hop. During American Craft Beer Week, NOLA Brewing dryhopped their Blonde Ale with Sorachi Ace as part of their dryhop vertical series, following their excellent Blonde Ale dryhopped with Sorachi Ace cask ale a few weeks previously.

It's a beautiful color- a golden light orange with a white head that stayed throughout my enjoyment of the beer. It's spicy and faintly herbal, with a lemon citrus aroma. Easy drinking and a dry finish. The style is a saison and the spiciness specific to the Belgian yeast works with the spiciness of the Sorachi Ace hops in a truly unique but very satisfying and drinkable way.

I drank this one slowly, savoring it. My opinion, it's a very special beer, and a good one for the summer.

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