Tuesday, June 14, 2011

The Beers Not Bullets fundraiser needs YOU!

Many have asked what they can do to help. Here's the main thing:

Buy a ticket and attend the fundraiser! Bring all your friends! Here's the link to the ticket website: http://beersnotbullets.eventbrite.com/

The other thing we really, really need is your help in acquiring rare and hard to find beers for the Beer Advocate/beergeek pouring table. This is how The BeerBuddha first imagined the event and we feel it's an important aspect, even though now we have all of Louisiana's breweries and distributors on board, as well as Lazy Mag in Mississippi, homebrewers, and several bars including the Avenue Pub, the Bulldog, and the Barley Oak.

So please either comment here or email me at nora(dot)deirdre(at)gmail(dot)com with what you plan to bring and donate to the cause! Once I get that information from you, as a thank you, I will email you a discount code that will knock $10 off the price of admission. (of course, if you'd rather that money be used for Nathaniel's recovery, you don't need to use the code when you buy tickets.)

Please note- you do need to buy a ticket for entry even if you are bringing beers. You will need to show the beer you're bringing at the entrance along with your ticket.

I look forward to hearing from all you local beer geeks (and anyone who wants to ship anything from out of the state, email me and let's talk.)

Huge props to the BeerBuddha and Derek Lintern for spearheading the beer participation for the event!

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