Interesting news from our neighbors to the very far North

Picked up the latest issue of Offbeat Magazine last night while hanging out on Frenchmen Street and found something of great interest to me in the Letters to the Editor section:

First of all, thanks for a great magazine. You have helped me so much in learning about the music and culture of New Orleans.

On Friday we start the first ever New Orleans Festival in Sweden at my club in Stockholm [Akkurat Bar & Restaurant]. I have beers coming in from both Abita and NOLA Brewing Company. To my knowledge, it’s the first time these beers have been shipped on draught outside the United States.

We will fill the empty barrels with Swedish beer and ship them back to Polly at the Avenue Pub on Saint Charles Avenue, who is doing a wonderful job for the beer culture. Hopefully we can have a continuous exchange program working in the future.

We also got loads of food like po-boys and of course crawfish, which are in season in Sweden right now. Yes we eat them here too.

—Stene Isacsson, Stockholm, Sweden

I am VERY INTRIGUED by what Swedish beers may be headed our way! Can't wait to find out. Also, glad to see Polly and The Avenue Pub getting more well-deserved international props.