Other beers in my travels

I had the opportunity to try a few other beers and take advantage of the New England location while up in CT.

Had a couple Brewtus Maximus beers at Max Burger in West Hartford.  Allegedly, it's brewed specially for them from Thomas Hooker Brewing.  It was tasty and went down oh so smooth.

I also picked up, at the beer store, Sebago (in Maine)'s Local Harvest Ale. It was hoppy, malty, tasty deliciousness.  Damn, that shit was good. Highly recommend.  Look how pretty!

As the Alström Brothers say, "High marks for bringing hop flavor to new heights, lordy be, this is an amazing beer."  I don't think I can say it better than that.  Maine, you totally rule.

At the Atlanta airport on the way home, my gate was right next to the Sweetwater Brew Pub and I went in there and ordered a Sweetwater 420, which is a Pale Ale I enjoyed during our vacation in Florida.  I looked at the big board before ordering though, make sure I wasn't missing out on anything. It listed the 420, their IPA, their blueberry wheat, and a brown.  I was sipping on my 420 when I noticed this poster across the way from me:

I looked it up on my phone and discovered it was an ESB!  Which is very exciting for me because I love a good ESB.  I asked the bartender if they were actually serving the Motor Boat or if the poster was just put there to taunt their clientele.  He responded in my favorite way, by pouring a sample for me to try.  Ooh, it was so good!  I still had 2/3 of a pint of the 420 and only about 20 minutes before my flight started boarding but I couldn't help it, I ordered a pint of the Motor Boat. Fantastic!  As you can see, it's much darker than the 420:

So it was a bit maltier but beautifully balanced with hops, which adds a spicy and gently bitter kick to the toasty malty notes.  God, it was amazingly drinkable.  When I was done I was both elated that I had had the chance to drink this beer and seriously annoyed that I wouldn't be able to have another one anytime soon, if ever.