Beer Bitch Updates

1) I got interviewed by the Beer Wench!  Hooray! Check it out!

2) I'm judging a homebrew competition in Hattiesburg, MS in Saturday.  It's a beer adventure.  A beer-venture, if you will. It's at the Keg & Barrel, which looks to be a most excellent place to drink.  Doesn't look like a formal taste evaluation or anything, but I am anticipating a lot of fun.  Beer blogger partner in crime The Beer Buddha will be there as well.

3) Three new (to me) beers I have tried and enjoyed this week: Dieu de Ciel - Corne du diable (Horn of the Devil), De Koninck (flagship beer of the De Koninck brewery), which Michael Jackson describes as: "De Koninck is soft that it slips down with soothing sociability; so tangy and perfumy that each glass invites another. I lost an afternoon in that bar, and never found it again." The third was the new Sierra Nevada-Dogfish Head collaboration called Life & Limb, which I quite like.  I've had it in the bottle and on draft, and I prefer the bottle version.  Very drinkable for a strong ale, pours dark as Tom's soul, and has lovely malty and dried fruit and molasses aroma and taste notes.  Really...comforting.

4) Is my blog name too obnoxious?  I didn't care when no one knew about the blog but now I'm kind of wondering about that.


  1. Too obnoxious? Bitch, please.


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