Home again, home again

Well, I had some difficulty continuing with my cask ale blogging because it turns out that 50mb of data goes pretty fast when posting pictures and blog posts and the like, and that's all the data I had available to me over there.  Plus, we got sucked into serious family stuff, which made drinking more like a medical necessity rather than the pleasure that I like to reflect in this blog!

To sum up: we drank awesome cask ale not only in Edinburgh and St. Andrews in Scotland, but also Chippenham and Bath in England as well.  Hooray!  Man, there was one place in Bath called The Hobgoblin, that I *loved*. They had a great variety of real ale, and it was just grungy and divey and awesome.

Note: I was unable to get any other pictures of the interior because it was too dark and dank for my (non-flash having) camera phone to capture.  Just think: dark, dingy, and rough in the BEST WAY POSSIBLE.  See some reviews here and here to get a better feel for the atmosphere.

As I explained to my father in law, I like classy bars too, and we went to someplace that I can't remember the name of, which was pretty great except for the GIANT ARRANGEMENT of the stinkiest flowers ever right by where we were sitting which gave me a headache and also made me super nauseous. I had one of the best-named beers ever, can you guess which one?

The pub we went both days we were in Chippenham was called The Bridge House and is owned by a conglomerate called Wetherspoons, which buys properties like pubs and hotels and the like and fixes them up.  So, that's a little weird, in that it's a chain, but they are pretty committed to real ale, so I'm down with that.  Nice selection of casks (apologies for blurriness):

One funny thing- it's like beer is divided into two categories over in the UK: real/cask ale that is served at cellar temps, and the other beers that are all labeled as "cold," "extra cold" "ice cold" and whatever.  Even the Guinness! Weird.