New NOLA blog!

BIG NEWS- a few local New Orleans beer bloggers are joining up to create a NOLA beer website at:

You may be asking yourself, why does New Orleans need this blog, given that there are several venues to find out about beer here?  There's a Facebook page for all of Louisiana, the major players tend to post updates on Facebook and Twitter, there are several beer bloggers on the scene, including yours truly and the Beer Buddha (who was the one who actually started up the NOLA Beer Guide and asked me to participate.)

However, the hope is that this website will consolidate ALL of these points of information, so that we can most effectively get the word out to all New Orleans beer lovers. Since there are several of us posting, we don't need to worry about if someone gets slammed at work and can't get the time to update, or if someone's out of town, or whatever.

I will still be posting here- about my personal beer tastings and other beer adventures.

But check this shiz out! We'll be listing bars, breweries, and restaurants; providing info for homebrewers; and updating beer news and events daily (ish.)

Man, now I want a beer.