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Keg & Barrel's Outlaw Homebrew Competition

Literally, in Mississippi, it is illegal to: 1) homebrew and 2) sell or serve beer with a ABW of over 5%.  So for the second year, the homebrew competition held at the Keg & Barrel in Hattiesburg is technically illegal and all organizers, brewers, judges, and attendees are outlaws IN THE EYES OF THE MISSISSIPPI LAW!

Spoiler alert: we did not get arrested.  Much to the dismay of the Beer Buddha.  Maybe next year, Jeremy!

We did, however, have an awesome time.

Tom and I drove up on Saturday morning and got to the Keg & Barrel at around 10am, per John Neal's request.  We kicked back with Jeremy and met some of the folks from Lazy Magnolia Brewery and Raise Your Pints, a grassroots non-profit lobbying group to overturn the drastic and archaic beer laws in the state. After some wandering around and meeting folks, the awesome judging RV of judginess arrived and we judges were permitted to go on board and chillax until it was time to do our round of tasting (I was assigned to IP…

About to start tasting / judging ipa category


Beer Buddha in the pimping Judges RV


Pictures from hattiesburg outlaw beer fest

Judges waiting, kickass judge RV,  the beer cart, and the brewers' field. Liveblogging! Breaking MS law! Stay tuned!

Beer Bitch Updates

1) I got interviewed by the Beer Wench!  Hooray! Check it out!

2) I'm judging a homebrew competition in Hattiesburg, MS in Saturday.  It's a beer adventure.  A beer-venture, if you will. It's at the Keg & Barrel, which looks to be a most excellent place to drink.  Doesn't look like a formal taste evaluation or anything, but I am anticipating a lot of fun.  Beer blogger partner in crime The Beer Buddha will be there as well.

3) Three new (to me) beers I have tried and enjoyed this week: Dieu de Ciel - Corne du diable (Horn of the Devil), De Koninck (flagship beer of the De Koninck brewery), which Michael Jackson describes as: "De Koninck is soft that it slips down with soothing sociability; so tangy and perfumy that each glass invites another. I lost an afternoon in that bar, and never found it again." The third was the new Sierra Nevada-Dogfish Head collaboration called Life & Limb, which I quite like.  I've had it in the bottle and on draft, and …