Session Beer Spotlight #1: NOLA Brewing Brown Ale

This brown ale is both the favorite of my husband Tom as well as NOLA Head Brewer Melanie Knepp. (Seriously- you want to make a friend for life, buy Melanie a Brown Ale.)

One of the first flagship ales when the brewery first opened, the Brown Ale is a flavorful but low-key brew that has a malt profile that is complex and low subtle hopping. And at 4%, it is definitely a session ale.

There was a time when all ales were brown to some degree or another; as pale ales and pale lagers proliferated, brown ales became associated with particular styles like mild, or nut brown ale. American craft brewers have put their own spin on brown ales, as usual, increasing the hop load and ABV. NOLA Brown is firmly in the English mild/nut brown tradition. Perfect for a southern climate. You'd never think it to look at the beautiful dark brown color, but this beer is very light in body and very quaffable.

Since the Brown is one of the two beers NOLA Brewing has in cans, it's easier than ever to enjoy the Brown Ale at home and at parties,

Remember, Session Beer Day is April 7! Please comment below with any of your favorite session beers locally available.I hope to be posting every day between now and April 7 with discussions of specific beers.