Session Beer Spotlight #2: Mikkeller's Drink'in the Sun

If NOLA Brown is Tom's favorite session beer, mine has to be the 2.4% dynamo brewed by gypsy brewer wunderkind Mikkeller. Called Drink'in the Sun, it's a hoppy wheat beer that has gorgeous citrus hop aroma, a light body that is pale gold, and the wheat style is heavily influenced by the bitterness of the hops, merging those characteristic tropical fruit notes of a wheat beer with the floral hop flavor very successfully.  The wheat/malt also balanced the bitterness of the hops beautifully. Dry finish. Could literally drink this all day. (and cannot wait to have the opportunity to do so once again.)

I mean, this beer is genius. To have such a light bodied, light colored, light ABV beer that is so complex yet simply easy to drink all day long. This is what can be done with session beers! Why don't more brewers do it?

One thing of note- the hop aroma and citrus flavors muted quite quickly after being tapped, so the second day on was not as transcendentally wonderful as the first.  Still really, really good though.

TWO POINT FOUR PERCENT.  That is CRAZY AWESOME beer at 2.4%. Bananas.