New brews coming to town!

This past week, the news broke that Green Flash from San Diego would be entering the New Orleans market, hopefully in late May-early June.  The details on the whens and wheres are still To Be Announced.

Also, I just found out that Parish Brewing Company, who have been nanobrewing up in the Lafayette Parish for a couple years out of the founder's garage, and have recently build a really truly actual brewery, will be rolling out throughout the New Orleans market between May 24-26. They will be getting some kegs to the Avenue Pub during American Beer Craft Week starting on Wednesday May 16, so we'll get a little sneak peek of what's been driving our neighbors wild these past couple of years! Congrats guys, I'm glad you'll be able to expand your production and am looking forward to having more local craft beer choices.

So, I'm excited about the continuation of the craft beer movement in New Orleans!  These are both very promising developments and all beer lovers here will reap the benefits.