Session Beer Spotlight #7: High & Mighty Divine Brown

OK, I know I've already blogged about High & Mighty this week, but hell, they do so many awesome session beers, I figured I'd give a go at another one of their special bottles. I also had wanted to do as many different styles of session ales as possible, and although this may seem to be the same style- Brown Ale - as NOLA Brown, you'll soon discover that the two share only the word "brown" in their name, session beer ABVs, and outstanding deliciousness. Trying both beers definitely shows the range that is possible in executing a brown ale style- a style often overlooked as not being sexy enough for today's craft beer drinkers. Divine Brown will change that mindset, without going big in the ABV department.

Purchased at Stein's Deli, the beer is 4.5% and pours a lighter shade of brown than I'd expected. Creamy half-inch head that retained throughout the enjoyment of the glass. The bottle alludes to the beer being brewed with oats and coffee, kind of bringing to mind the much lauded (and high ABV) Beer Geek Breakfast/Brunch beer by Mikkeller. Divine Brown has a roasty complexity with a surprisingly light body. The roasty, almost tropical fruit notes come from, I believe, both the malt itself as well as the coffee. I think the two combine complement each other. There's a juicy thirst-quenching mouthfeel and a joyous lingering  on the palate. It's exciting to drink, flavor profile-wise, as well as quaffable body-wise (and ABV-wise).

Note: The brewers have a weird prostitution allusion on their bottle label that I was puzzled by until I went to google images of "Divine Brown." Oh, Hugh Grant, you horny British scamp.  Not very topical though? I guess prostitution arrests are classic references for the ages.

As with the Fumata Bianca, I'm seriously impressed at how far the brewers at High & Mighty are going to bring delicious, complex, unique, playful session beers to the market. They keep raising the session beer style stakes, I'll keep profiling them!

Tune in tomorrow for a return to TRADITION!