Friday, April 6, 2012

Session Beer Spotlight #9: Coniston Brewing Bluebell Bitter


I love cask and bottled conditioned bitters SO MUCH. And this one is so very tasty. Tom found it at Martin's Wine Cellar on Magazine Street earlier this week and I have been gleefully anticipating drinking it ever since.

The whole concept of the "ordinary" bitter is what session beer is all about. It's traditionally a low ABV (this particular beer is 4.2%, but the bitters over in England tend to be around 3%.), meant to be enjoyed through the day and/or night while socializing at the pub. It's delicious and easy drinking. Bluebell has a fresh grassy quality in the maltiness, and the Challenger hops definitely add a gentle bite  Super smooth. In my semi-professional opinion, YUM.

The fact that the bitter is bottle conditioned really does make it taste and feel like a cask ale. I just love it and would drink it all the time if it weren't for the fact that it was around $5 for a 25 oz bottle.  I salute Shelton Brothers for bringing this wonderful beer to us, but would love for there to be more local session brews to enjoy. Thank goodness for NOLA Brown!

So, it's Session Day Eve- do you have any session beer related plans tomorrow? (I recommend going to your local bar and asking about the ABVs of every beer they have on tap! It will totally make you the most popular person there.) Tom and I will be participating in the NOLA Brewing Easter Keg Hunt where we will hopefully be enjoying much NOLA Brown. I still have one more session beer in the fridge to try - Wasatch Polygamy Porter - but I don't know if I will get to it tomorrow or Sunday.

Drink happy, drink safe!

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