Coquette Beer Dinner

So, when we were over at Coquette a couple of weeks ago, we got to talking with the bar manager/beer guy Jeff Schwartz about beer and food and pairings, and he let slip that Coquette was planning on doing a beer dinner in May. They've been working with the Global Beer Portfolio through Crescent Crown to develop their beer list and to put something together that really showcases the great beer they have and the great talent in Coquette's kitchen. 

After the craziness of Jazz Fest, Jeff emailed me to let me know a little more about what they are planning. I really liked his thought process on it, so I'm just going to quote him:
When we sat down to drink beers and talk about this dinner, things were flowing well when I hit upon a concern I have about pairing dinners. Beer and cocktail dinners tend to have this mindset where it has to be just like wine. For legitimacy reasons, I suppose. And don't get me wrong, I'm pretty much convinced beers can do almost anything wines can do and better. But what gets missed sometimes is that beer is more *fun* than wine.
So with all that in mind it will look something like this:
House made soft pretzels and cheese, served with Bavik Pils
House made pickle selection, served with Piraat Pale Ale
Boudin noir, served with Bornem Dubbel
Family style Choucroute Garnie, served with Troubadour Magma Tripel IPA
Waffles and accoutrement, served with Scotch de Silly
 I adore this approach to beer and food and fun and playfulness beyond all reason. I cannot wait for this beer dinner!  Here's the info:

Thursday, May 24, 7:00pm
35 seats (well, 33 now, since Tom and I made our reservation!)
$55 per person, all inclusive.