Fine dining and fine beering

OK, I know that "wine" rhymes better with "dine" but that doesn't mean that beer ain't a serious contender for enjoying with good food. I had a sit down with two of the owners of Root to discuss their plans for their beer program. Both Max Ortiz and Nick Shay are very committed to promoting beer as a viable and legitimate complement to the daring and flavorful food that comes out of Root's kitchen. We talked about rearranging the beer menu so it's easier for patrons not as familiar with different beer styles to make more informed choices. Both men wished that they had more space to store more styles of beer, but we had a fun conversation about how to maximize the space they have to accommodate a diverse selection of beer that will actually sell.

It was a great time talking about beer and food, which is an intersection that interests me greatly. Their enthusiasm was inspirational! It looks like there are some very cool beer-related things on the horizon at Root, so stay tuned.

I will also be posting an account of Coquette's amaaaaaaaaazing beer dinner held last night. It deserves its own entry, and I pray the pictures I took came out well, because it's possible that words may not adequately convey  the awesome amount of awesomeness.

Um, not to put too fine a point on it.

Also, I am thinking about changing the name of this blog! It's possibly TOO sassy now that people are, well, actually reading it. Any thoughts and/or ideas? I'd like the name to reflect that it's a beer blog and that I am a lady who likes drinkin' beer. I like the alliteration of the name, too. Any and all suggestions are welcomed.