Brux & Untappd

So, although I have about 3 cases of beer from Florida, I've been obsessed with obtaining a beer called Brux which is a collaboration between Russian River Brewing and Sierra Nevada. Because Sierra Nevada is distributed here in Louisiana (and, um, everywhere else in the country), this beer is able to get in this market. However, not a lot (allegedly), so there's been a run on it.

Right after I heard about the beer, I went to Stein's after work to pick some up. There weren't any bottles out on the shelves but when I asked Andre, he brought one out from the back. "One per customer," he said. I asked if I could buy one and if Tom could buy one, and was denied. I think they may have milked the "last bottle sold" thing, as I heard that the Beer Buddha got the last bottle on Friday, but then heard about other folks buying bottles through the weekend. It's all a game, a show.

Having bought my bottle, I heard that it's a beer meant to continue its bottle conditioning, so of course I wanted to age my bottle for a couple months. That means that I'd need to get over to The Avenue Pub to get my immediate gratification on. Finally, tonight, I did.

It was an excellent wild fermented/sour/funky beer. Nice balance, quite drinkable, and it seemed to evaporate in the finish. There was a slight bit of... heaviness? Thickness? in the middle of the sip that I think will ferment out with aging and further bottle conditioning. Not something that detracts from enjoying the beer in its current incarnation, but just something that I think will continue to improve as time passes.

I very, very much enjoyed sharing a bottle of it with my sweetie pie at a quiet table on a Sunday night on the Avenue Pub's balcony bar. Could have shared a second happily, but it was time to go. Always leave the party while you're still having fun, I always say.

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Just saw Root's menu for their first beer dinner in August- going over there tomorrow to taste and help select beer pairings! Can't wait! Stay tuned....