Fifth Course

Four year manchego cheese, cracklin,smoked pork. Cocktail... oof. Some sort of bloody mary variation with tomato juice, mezcal (!!)  Tiliquin Geueze (!!!!!!!!)

OK, from the description I did not get what it is. It is the "cheese course" described as their version of nachos.

This course is pretty crazy. Everyone loves the nachos, but the cocktail is controversial! Some people like it, some people hate it, some people kind of think it's sort of OK with the chicharrone nachos-slash-cheese-course but pretty out there. I am that last one. Tom hates tomato juice, mezcal, and Geueze,  so this drink was not a winner for him.

Loved them nachos though. Man! Best. Nachos. Ever. NACHOS BUILT ON CRACKLINS, PEOPLE.