post-Isaac beer musings

So, yes. Hurricane Isaac. Even a Cat 1 is incredibly destructive and knowing that "it could be worse" is not comforting, it is terrifying.  I will perhaps muse on this in greater detail in the coming days on my other blog, but here's the beer-related Isaac fallout.

First of all, I'm incredibly bummed that the Root beer dinner was cancelled. It was set for Monday night when everyone was bracing for the storm, and I think it was definitely the right call by the restaurant, but I'm just super bummed it didn't happen. I haven't heard about rescheduling, but I hope they do. Feel free to drop them a line asking about rescheduling so they know there's interest!

Second, we've been working through our beer hauls from Florida and the internet while sitting around all week.  Beer- it takes the edge off! Especially when you can, like, nap whenever. Been drinking a lot of Lagunitas and Oskar Blues especially.

Third, we got out and about this Saturday night down to the Ugly Dog Saloon to support NOLA Brewing by drinking several pints of Tom's favorite beer, Smokey Mary. It was the release party and we'd been looking forward to it for some time now- honestly, I don't think it is possible to overstate my husband's love for this beer - and since the area where the Ugly Dog (the CBD) was was largely unaffected by power outage, it was on.

I was glad to see all the folks if the brewery - Kirk, Dylan, Peter, Melanie, Billy, Buck - who I consider friends, to see how they personally were doing post-storm (some were still waiting on power to return, ugh) as well as hearing about how the brewery did. Apparently the office/merchandise store area got hammered- the ceiling fell, the skylight busted, the whole area got wet and windswept. However, the beer in the tanks stayed cold, Kirk estimated there was about 600 barrels in the tanks, which were saved. The issue they are waiting on is if they'll get power on the other side of the brewery (half has power, half doesn't, don't ask) so they can continue with their brew schedule this week. If the power comes on tomorrow, there'll be enough time to chill the water for brewing so that they can start up on Monday. If not, that just continues to delay the process. So, keeping fingers crossed for Kirk & all!

You can read more about the damage to the brewery here.

Looking forward also to the release of MechaHopzilla, Brewmaster Peter Caddoo's debut entry for NOLA Brewing's new High Gravity series. It's brewed with Bravo for bittering and Centennial, Citra, and Columbus for finishing- dryhopping, flavor, and aroma. The final gravity is 8.8% ABV. We got to talk to Peter for a while and were intrigued by the various beer cocktail combinations he and his fellow brewers have been coming up with- it's like the Brewer's Crack (Hopitoulous + Irish Channel Stout) gone haywire!  Like the "Thoroughbred," their Hurricane Saison with a float of NOLA Brown, "Smoke Me Something Mistah" (alternatively mentioned to us as "Throw Me Something Mary!") a combination of Pour Me Something Mistah and Smokey Mary. Heh.

Kirk (Coco, President of NOLA Brewing) mentioned that the High Gravity Series will be a 6 months of the MechaHopzilla and then 6 months of another high gravity beer, perhaps a porter style. However, they're still playing with the beers and the timing, so it may be a little bit until their intended schedule comes to fruition. Always more important to perfect the beer no matter how long it takes than to rush something not quite ready in service of a release schedule.

Anyway, it was good to see everyone, and it's good to blog again.  Like getting a little normality back.