New Kid on Freret Street

Over the past couple of months, I've been quite intrigued by a place being built on the corner of Freret and Cadiz, called the Freret Street Publiq House. I did a little research, and saw the theme would be craft cocktails, craft beer, craft food, the whole thing. But I didn't get much more information than that.

Today, after enjoying an always-wonderful lunch and beer chat at Ancora, I wandered down the block because it looked like there was activity happening at the ole Publiq House. I saw a Crescent Crown truck making deliveries, and people going in and out... all good signs of life.  I asked a guy working on the front exterior if the owner/manager was around, and he told me to go inside and ask for Will.  Which I did.

Will came out, gracious enough to take a few minutes to talk to me although he was swamped- he explained that after months of waiting, they finally got their license yesterday and were working hard to get everything in place to open to the public next week after Christmas. I asked him how many of the 40+ taps would be dedicated to craft beer, and he replied, simply, "all of them."  WELL THEN.

I'm excited to check out the Freret Street Publiq House after I return from my travels to the frozen north, right after New Years. I hope you all check it out too, and continue to encourage craft beer growth in the city! I'll report back here after I get to check it out in its post-opening glory. A big part of this place looks to be live music too, which is great.

I thought I took a picture of the exterior, but my phone doesn't seem to back that claim up, sadly. Ah well- it looks really nice- they did a great job restoring the building. Really looking forward to seeing it in full swing.  Here's their website. Looks like their beer selection is highlighting all of Abita and NOLA Brewing's beers, which is good, having a local focus. I am interested to see what the other side of the list shapes up to be- Blue Moon and Lindeman's isn't really my idea of craft beer, but I know they are good intros to craft beer to others, which may have them join the craft beer lover ranks eventually! The Brooklyn and Sierra Nevada stuff are always solid bets. Be nice to see some stuff like North Coast or Unibroue or Green Flash or Stone on draft as well. Looks like the bottle list includes some of that, which is awesome. But I imagine this list is really just to give an idea of what's to come, not serve as the definitive and inclusive list of beers. Can't wait till after the New Year!

A couple other storefronts on Freret between Ancora and the Publiq House:

I don't know what the deal is with them, but something to keep an eye out for!