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Doings a-Transpirin'!

Next week!  Awesomeness!

The Root Beer dinner is happening on Monday (August 27). We have 6:30 reservations and can't wait. Come on over and say hi! Also, Todd Price for the Times-Picayune/ wrote a piece about it which quotes me fairly extensively. (Though, not as extensively as I answered his questions. Lawd, I do go on. Sorry Todd!)  Read about it here!!

Also, there will be a beer and cheese extravaganza happening at St. James Cheese Co., with many of the local beer companies represented, including the LAUNCH of two new breweries, Chafunkta Brewery and Gnarley Barley. Can't wait! Check out the St. James website for tickets, and that's happening on Wednesday, August 29.

Whee! Delicious beer and delicious food, what more can a girl ask for?

Cask Beer Celebration in New Orleans

So this past weekend marked the 3 year anniversary of the first cask conditioned ale made by NOLA Brewing being served at The Avenue Pub. According to Polly Watts, owner of the Avenue Pub, you couldn't find cask ale anywhere in Louisiana prior to that. As I am a huge fan of cask ale, NOLA Brewing, and the Avenue Pub, you can imagine that the event planned to commemorate this would be relevant to my interests.

The plan was a "Cask Crawl" on St. Charles Ave- NOLA would provide casks to both the Avenue Pub and the Irish House down the street. The weather even took a break from being either steamy or stormy, and just  was mild and comfortable. So, I was looking forward to this event... until I read the description of the one at the Pub. "Peter's Perfect Phirkin"... a Hurricane Saison cask complimented by pineapple, papaya, plums, poblano peppers, peychaud bitters, and dry hopped with Perle hops.

OMG, I thought it sounded hideous. I first thought that I just wou…