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post-Isaac beer musings

So, yes. Hurricane Isaac. Even a Cat 1 is incredibly destructive and knowing that "it could be worse" is not comforting, it is terrifying.  I will perhaps muse on this in greater detail in the coming days on my other blog, but here's the beer-related Isaac fallout.

First of all, I'm incredibly bummed that the Root beer dinner was cancelled. It was set for Monday night when everyone was bracing for the storm, and I think it was definitely the right call by the restaurant, but I'm just super bummed it didn't happen. I haven't heard about rescheduling, but I hope they do. Feel free to drop them a line asking about rescheduling so they know there's interest!

Second, we've been working through our beer hauls from Florida and the internet while sitting around all week.  Beer- it takes the edge off! Especially when you can, like, nap whenever. Been drinking a lot of Lagunitas and Oskar Blues especially.

Third, we got out and about this Saturday night dow…