New Belgium is Coming! New Belgium is Coming!

So, anytime a major brewery moves into this market, it's a good sign. It's an indication that distributors, stores, and bars think they can sell it. Which means an acknowledgement that craft beer is on the rise in New Orleans!

I've been hearing rumors for over a year now about New Belgium expanding their market to Louisiana - the word that they are building a second brewery in Ashville, NC has increased the buzz on that rumor as well.

And as of April 1, New Belgium will be releasing 22oz bottles of Fat Tire, Ranger IPA, and others, including at least one of their special Lips of Faith series. About a month after that, draft beer will be available, and a month after that, regular 6 packs will come out. I am not sure why the staggered release - I know Green Flash was available in bombers, 6-packs, and draft at the same time, so maybe the distributor (I don't know yet if it's going to be carried by Southern Eagle or Crescent Crown) wants to gauge interest or stir up anticipation or if it's just a logistical issue or what.

But, exciting! Really looking forward to the roll out.

They are also hiring a "New Belgium Beer Ranger" (aka New Orleans sales rep/manager), so if your interests lie in that direction... check it out!

Shout out to Todd Price for breaking the news today, which was my primary source for this blog post.


  1. New Belgium's Abbey Ale is heaven. All of the complex taste of a traditional Abbey Ale without the import prices of Chimay or Westmale. It blows Abita's Abbey ale out of the water.


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