Did you know...

... that on the corner of Aline and Prytania, there's a German style beer garden with an amazing variety of German beer styles from different regions? It's called the Aline Street Beer Garden, it opened about 6 weeks ago, and I highly recommend checking it out. I had a weizen/wheat beer from Köln which was great (had a hoppy bitterness that played off the spicy, fruity yeast flavors) and very different than the standard Bavarian hefeweizen.

Look at that gorgeous yeast settling! Sexx-ay!

I'll be going into much more detail about this place in an upcoming blog post, probably next week.

... that next to the Beer Garden is a tiny British style pub (owned by the same guy who owns the Beer Garden) called the Sovereign Pub? While I find the strength of the beer selection true to the regional style is better over in the German-themed Beer Garden, the Pub quite accurately captures the vibe of a British Pub.  It has a great single malt selection as well, little conversation nooks, and periodicals like the Financial Times, the Guardian, and Hello! magazine.

The only thing missing is a cask ale option, but the owner seems to be open to revisiting the issue, so stay tuned! He gave it a try a couple years ago when the Sovereign first opened, with NOLA firkins, but people didn't drink it. I think there's a very different attitude toward cask ale in the city now, though.  So... we'll see what transpires in the future. I enjoyed a Fullers ESB (maybe some London's Pride can join it in the cooler someday?) and a Young's Chocolate Stout.

... that around the corner from the Beer Garden in the other direction, the Milk Bar serves amazing beer-soaking-up sandwiches on INCREDIBLE ciabatta bread? Also, milkshakes? The roasted lamb sandwich was a sight to behold, and the "Psycho Chicken" ordered by Tom had great flavors from the pesto, olives, and roasted red peppers. And they were awesomely, meltingly cheesy and delicious!


... that I've found some new places to haunt?

I've got a lot more info about these places that I'll be writing about next week. So, until then, drink awesome beer and have a great weekend!