Wednesday, March 13, 2013

Zwanze sneak peek! (also other upcoming Avenue Pub events)

Apparently, the 2014/15 Zwanze might be a spontaneously fermented stout? Relevant to my interests!

Speaking of Cantillon, Avenue Pub is hosting a Cantillon Lambic and Gueuze tasting on March 20. And in further sour events, there will be the opportunity to try a very rare Italian sour (also at the Avenue Pub) on March 27 at the Xyauyu open bottle night.

You all probably know that New Belgium will be released upon the area on April 1. As the first wave of New Belgium beer will only be in bombers, the Avenue Pub will likely have several Lips of Faith on hand to sell by the bottle (and probably an event with bottle pours for sale) as well as New Belgium's collaboration with Dieu de Ciel, Hemelse God and their other regular releases. Polly's great about keeping their Facebook event page updated as stuff is finalized, so keep an eye out for that.

ALSO, Stone Enjoy By is coming to Louisiana! It'll be Enjoy By May 17. This is exciting news. I'll post where it can be found in bombers (Stein's and Whole Foods are good places to start, but that's just my conjecture), but it will be available between April 17-May 17. The Avenue is getting two kegs, and they'll tap one on the first day, and one on the last day.

Sierra Nevada Beer Camp will be sending over one of the very few kegs of their new creation, Celebrator Anniversary Edition. It'll be tapped at 6pm at the Avenue Pub on the 20th (downstairs, while the Cantillon event is going on upstairs), and it's "an imperial pale ale with galaxy, citra and Sierras newest experimental Hops #366." Check out the details here.

And we still have American Craft Beer Week in May to look forward to.

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