Homebrewing and the French Quarter Fest

The homebrewing and the FQF actually have nothing to do with each other, besides the fact that they were to two beer related activities I had this weekend.

Homebrewing: after my tales of brewing and bottling, this was the easiest (but most nerve-wracking) step of all: tasting.

From Friday night

Bottle opened today (it's less carbonated than the other two were for whatever reason.)
The color and the clarity (as you can see) came out beautifully.

As far as aroma and taste goes, the hops presence I was hoping for really didn't make it into the final product, so it wasn't really what I was expecting. However, I still really like it! The absence of the hop flavor gives prominence to the yeast. Still plenty of bitterness. So it's kind of more like a Belgian pale ale? I need more palates to tell me if the spiciness in the flavor is just yeast and hops intermingling, or if it fermented too warm and those are esters or off-flavors all up in there. But it's plenty drinkable. Definitely not a masterpiece, but I enjoy drinking it and I MADE IT! Me! Now, what to brew next...?

In other news, I signed up to work in an Abita beer tent at French Quarter Fest. I worked the middle shift (2-6pm) right next to the Abita music tent. For the first 2 hours I took beer orders and worked the cash register. Then I noticed we had a serious supply issue - one person pouring beers for 3 cashiers and many, MANY thirsty patrons. So I jumped behind the taps and started pouring beers like a maniac. Amber, Light, and Purple Haze (man, that Haze tap was SO FOAMY for the first hour I was pouring.) Amber, Light, Purple Haze. AMBER! LIGHT! HAZE! The dude from Crescent Crown was impressed by my beer pouring style, asked if I was a bartender. No, I said. I just drink a LOT of beer.

Got to listen to Kermit Ruffins & The Barbecue Swingers and Little Freddy King - both great shows! Mostly background, though, since I was quite busy. I'd definitely do it again, but maybe in more low key location like the Mint - I almost had a panic attack trying to find my assigned tent in the very very crowded Abita stage area.

My pouring post

The view from my beer tent
(this was the end of Donald Harrison Jr.'s set, which was right before my shift.
I had no time for pictures once I started working.)
After my shift, I enjoyed a roast beef debris poboy with truffled cole slaw from the Restaurant R'evolution tent. Came home and had another homebrew. All in all, not a bad way to spend the day in New Orleans.