Thursday, April 11, 2013

Links to Bugs & Brew buzz from around the interwebs (also NOLA Brewing Friday tour news)

My previous post about the beer lineup at Bugs & Brew For Drew has gotten some notice:

Here's my slightly different writeup for the Gambit blog, posted yesterday.

Here's a link from La Trappe Monk's beer blog

I love the cask ale love! I hope it leads to more and more of it!

Also, re: NOLA's famous (or infamous) brewery tours, starting tomorrow (4/12) they are going to start charging $5 for a pint glass that is necessary to gain admittance. According to a Facebook post made this afternoon:

"Starting tomorrow, we're changing the setup of our Friday tours due to the steady increase in size. We will now be charging $5 for a NOLA logo pint glass when you arrive. This will still include unlimited beer and an actual tour, but you will now get to take the glass home with you when you leave!"

Personally, I think this policy is long, LONG overdue.Five dollars isn't too much, but it's enough to discourage habitual free loaders (myself included!) They spend a lot of resources and energy on the tour, now that attendance often tops 100 people, and there should be some remuneration involved. Selling the pint glasses is a good way to bring some income to the brewery (especially since it can't sell its beer on premises... YET.)

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