Ladies Getting Beer Done

Sorry I haven't been able to update this week! I was busy at the New Orleans Wine and Food Experience (NOWFE) over the weekend and the life stuff this week. I did publish my Brewsday Tuesday column at the Gambit though! It has been pointed out to me that I didn't include much for the Northshore, but I will be rectifying that with an article I'll be writing for the Northshore magazine Inside Northside for their Sept/Oct issue. Exciting!

But the purpose of this column is not housekeeping, it's to promote an event that I am very excited about attending. Craft beer is a pretty male dominated world, although of course there are kickass female brewers,  brewery owners, beer bar and brewpub owners, beer bartenders, writers, bloggers, and drinkers. As a woman, craft beer drinker, and advocate, I very much enjoy connecting with other women who love beer.

So! On Friday, May 31, Anne-Catherine Dilewyns, acclaimed Belgian Brewer at Brouwerij Dilewyns in Dendermonde, Belgium, will be visiting the Avenue Pub accompanied by industry veteran and distributor Wendy Littlefield of Vanberg & DeWulf.

Ms. Dilewyns follows her great-grandmother, who founded a brewery in Dendermonde in the late 1800s and her father, who is one of the area's most accomplished homebrewers. Dilewyns uses her father's recipes in the family's brewery, the current incarnation of which opened just two years ago in May of 2011.

Ms. Littlefield founded Vanberg & DeWulf in 1982 with her husband Don Feinberg after they lived in Belgium for three years. Their mission simply is to provide the US market with Belgian beers from "breweries that are independent, family-run and artisanal in their approach." (Quoted from their website.) Their accomplishments are truly impressive: They published the first American edition of Michael Jackson’s The Great Beers of Belgium, now in its 6th printing and is the definitive work on the subject; they were the first Americans to be inducted into the Belgian Brewers Guild; the founded Brewery Ommegang; they pioneered the pairing of fine food and beer; and on and on and on and on.  Littlefield was just nominated for a James Beard Foundation Award for outstanding wine, spirits or beer professional in 2013. Absolutely amazing.

I'm deeply honored to have the opportunity to meet these two talented, driven, and incredibly intelligent women alongside one of my own personal local heroes in the beer biz, Polly Watts, proprietor of the Avenue Pub. Polly practically single-handedly jump started craft beer culture in New Orleans, and her passion for the beer and the customers shows every day.

The beers that will be served in the upstairs bar starting at 5pm tomorrow (5/31) in honor of these special guests and kickass women are:

There will also be two special taps downstairs, Saison DuPont and Castelain Biere de Garde

So if anyone's looking for me on Friday night... that's where I'll be. Hope to see you there! If you click on the links for the beers above, I'm pretty sure you will be, they sound incredible.


  1. This sounds like a terrific event. Thanks for the info. Really hope I can make it.


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