Thursday, June 6, 2013

Louisiana Craft Brewer Week -September 23-29, 2013.

Awesome news! I know that the LA Craft Brewers Guild has been working to get this resolution passed by the LA Legislature for a while- I think this will be huge to promote local craft beer as well as indicating that we do have support on the state level. That's huge! Here's the deets:

The Louisiana Legislature passed a resolution designating the week of September 23-29, 2013 Louisiana Craft Brewer Week in recognition of the many contributions by Louisiana craft brewers to the state. This resolution was sponsored by Representative James K. Armes III and Senator Elbert Guillory and supported by the Louisiana Craft Brewers Guild, a 501 (c) (6) nonprofit organization, exists to unify the Louisiana craft brewing community, to increase sales of Louisiana-brewed beer through education and promotion, and to monitor and assure a healthy craft beer industry within the state.

The resolution passed lauded the seven (they actually referred to six, but there are now seven) operational Louisiana breweries (Abita Beer, Bayou Teche Biere, Chafunkta Brewing Company, Covington Brewhouse, NOLA Brewing, Parish Brewing Company, and Tin Roof Brewing Company)on the grounds that they have been awarded more than twelve medals for their superior products; support responsible consumption of alcoholic beverages and promote programs, education, and legislation aimed at preventing over consumption; led the way in preserving Louisiana's unique environment by brewing their products in an ecologically sound manner; make every effort to support Louisiana agriculture by using the finest Louisiana-grown products; and support the enjoyment and export of Louisiana culture by brewing beer specifically designed to compliment and therefore highlight our extraordinary Louisiana cuisine.

“THEREFORE, BE IT RESOLVED that the Legislature of Louisiana does hereby designate the week of September 23 through 29, 2013, as Louisiana Craft Brewer Week in recognition of the aforementioned contributions by Louisiana craft brewers to the state.”

You can read the resolution in its entirety here.

I am assuming that this will hopefully carry over for future years, like, the last full week of every September? It's pretty specific to the year, so it may need to be re-introduced and passed next year as well. So let's make it a great one so that will be an easy process next year!

Well done, to all involved!

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