Louisiana REPRESENT!

I'm pretty excited about having been able to promote the Louisiana Craft Beer Collective in this week's Gambit column along with the Louisiana Craft Brewer Week and the Louisiana Brewery Trail.

In other Louisiana brewery news,
I am excited about my upcoming trip to shadow Bayou Teche and Abita at SAVOR Craft Beer and Food Experience. It's a very prestigious event that showcases American craft beers paired with fine food. I'll be attending Bayou Teche's salon on Friday night and will be going to various Abita and Bayou Teche events through the weekend.  Look for a post next week detailing the experience!

Also next week, I will be giving away a pair of tickets for the WYES International Beer Tasting, so be prepared for the hoops through which you must jump! (Kidding, it'll probably be like a Twitter thing.)

And in the awesomest news of all, starting on Friday, I will be a full time beer blogger, writer, and consultant.  Hit me up if you need some help with craft beer related communications, research, information, promotion, events, or curating a beer list. Anything I can do to help promote craft beer! (and eke out a meager living.)