Brewsday Tuesday in Transition

So, there will be no Brewsday Tuesday this week, because I am transitioning to having my beer column included in the print version of the Gambit, starting with next week's issue.
However, last week's Brewsday Tuesday, if you haven't seen it already, is a pretty good one - an update on what's happening with New Orleans' only homebrew store, Brewstock. The original owner sold it to a couple of very nice guys. Read all about it here!

Columbus was a fun trip, full of beers from new local breweries like Columbus Brewing Company, Actual Brewing Company, Seventh Son, North High, Four Sting Brewing, Hoof Hearted Brewing, and Brothers Drake (actually a meadery). Cincinnati also has an amazing beer scene (much of it following in its German heritage, much like New Orleans) which I was able to get a glimpse of, as well as places in between like Jackie O's in Athens. The area was (and to some extent, still is) dominated by a large regional brewery called Great Lakes (in Cleveland), but new microbreweries have been popping up like toadstools over the last couple of years. Sound familiar?

The bar at The Crest

Sampler flight at Columbus Brewing Co.
I was able to get a couple beers at The Crest (with the woman who wrote the linked article about it and her husband) and heard very good things about the Ohio Taproom - their focus is on Ohio beer. It seems to be a very exciting place for beer. I will say that the Columbus Brewing Company's Bodhi and Jackie O's Hop Ryot were really excellent.

But I must say, it's great to be back home, and to know I'll be in one place fro a while. Catch you soon!