Links of the Week!

I have a new and diabolical (OK, not really so much with the diabolical) plan to post a weekly roundup of beer related links I find interesting. This post will likely appear every Thursday or Friday. If you have links you'd like me to include, please email me at nora(at)nolabeerblog(dot)com or share your link in the comments below.

This week, I am starting with a couple of my own links. First of all, my previous post was incorrect when stating that there is no more Brewsday Tuesday. Apparently, the drill is that the article I submit on Mondays will be published online as a Brewsday Tuesday blog post the following day, and then will be printed in the following week's paper Gambit. So this article I wrote about Tom Conklin, Gordon Biersch's head brewer, was put on the Gambit site a couple days ago and you can find the hard copy version around town starting on Sunday. My Gambit posts are much shorter than they used to be (325 word limit!!!), that's because of space limitations of the physical paper.

Also, just posted today on the Alcohol Professor: my article on San Francisco beer awesomeness! Go give it some love... I profiled Almanac Brewing, Magnolia Pub, The Thirsty Bear, and the new Mikkeller beer bar.

Last but not least in my own self promotion, I've finally created a public Facebook page to promote my blog and writing, and for all my other beer news and activity. Go like it and spread the word!

In local beer news, Todd Price goes to the Northshore to check out The Old Rail brewpub. FYI, the first sentence of the story cracks me up.

In industry news, the recently released results of the Gallup organization's annual alcohol survey inspired several analyses and ruminations of the state of craft beer by Julia Herz with the Brewers Association for and Time Magazine. In other news, craft brew incubator Alchemy and Science acquired the Schmaltz beer brands from He'Brew, and Imbibe Magazine annoyed everyone by choosing one brewery to represent each state. (Side note: I think I need to get more controversial, it drives traffic!)

In beer etiquette news, how does one send back an off-flavor beer without being (or feeling like) an ass? It's an important skill which benefits the bar by giving a heads up on a potential issue, but it's really hard to do (in my experience).

In arts and entertainment news, a non-documentary movie set in the Chicago area craft beer and brewing world is being released. Read about why the director chose that world and the process it went through to portray it accurately.

Last but definitely not least, check out this three minute video of Garrett Oliver from Brooklyn Brewery being totally awesome describing discovering, tasting, and creating beer. Trust me, it will make your day.