Sweetwater Brewsday Tuesday, a new online gig, and more

I'm a little behind on updating since I've been on vacation without my laptop, but behold the following:

As previously mentioned, Sweetwater is coming to town! I was contacted by the brewery, and they sent me a couple of bottles to try and subsequently review. Which I did in my most recent Brewsday Tuesday column. Hey, and Todd Price gave my article a shoutout in his own column for NOLA.com.

I've also started working for a new online blog/magazine, The Alcohol Professor. Here's a link to my first article and a link to my content page (which right now only has the first article, but will become more populated soon.)

You can see my first "What's Pouring In Louisiana" column in Southern Brew News here. (You have to flip to page 11.)

Keep an eye out for articles by me in the September issue of Where Y'At magazine and the Sept/Oct issue of Inside Northside too!