Late Links

Apologies for not getting these out yesterday, but I've been under the weather.

This week was a two-fer for me in the Gambit: my feature article on Louisiana Craft Brewer Week and my regular Brewsday Tuesday column on the Avenue Pub's badass events in the recent past and near future.

I also suggest you investigate my other blog to read about local eatery Salu's Oktoberfest kick off pig roast that's happening tomorrow, Saturday 9/21 for both lunch and dinner.

Also, check this blog out for my writeup on the new NOLA Brewing taproom as well as suggestions as to how to help get the word out about it on national beer sites.

Speaking of NOLA Brewing, Thrillist named it the best craft brewery in Louisiana in their story choosing the best craft brewery for every state.

And also speaking of Louisiana Craft Brewer Week above, Todd Price did a great writeup in in which he spoke with local brewers like NOLA Brewing and Gnarly Barley. Love it!

I am so proud that my friend Dan Murphy, head brewer of Fairhope Brewing in Alabama, is part of this writeup about homebrewers that transitioned to professional brewers. Dogfish Head's Sam Calagione was also profiled, so that's some great company to keep.

In general beer world news, this glossary of craft beer terms is helpful, this article on emerging craft beer culture and its challenges in Mexico is interesting, and the announcement that craft beer has its first billionaire is somewhat mind-blowing. (shout out to Vanessa Gomes for posting these three articles on Facebook earlier this week.)

Next week will be Louisiana Craft Brewer Week, and I will be starting my Oktoberfest coverage in the Gambit. Stay tuned!