Louisiana Craft Brewer Week Begins!

Yesterday, Bayou Teche kicked off Louisiana Craft Brewer Week by bringing a pot of jambalaya and a couple beers to the Avenue Pub. According to brewmaster Gar Hatcher, the newly released honey braggot Miel Sauvage is a blend of two batches - one aged for 100 days in whiskey barrels and one aged for two months in fresh oak barrels.

The 100 days of aging is meant to represent the 100 days that Napoleon escaped exile and attempted to reinstate his rule in France. Another example of the Francophile aspects of Bayou Teche's Cajun heritage, leading to shenanigans like this:

Bayou Teche's Derek Domingue all dressed up as Napoleon, with nowhere to go.
Oh wait, he's at the Avenue, so he does have someplace to go. Never mind!
Hatcher also mentioned that they've revisited the Boucanee recipe and have changed it up a bit. Give it a try in the next couple of months and see what you think. There was also a cask of the Boucanee at the Avenue as well, which Tom tried (I'm not much for smoked beer) and liked quite a lot.

There's some symbolism on the label as well. The three bees represent the flag that Napoleon designed for the Island of Elba, where Napoleon ruled as sovereign in 1814-1815. Apparently Napoleon loved him some bee symbolism. (Not as much as the folks from Bayou Teche, though, amirite?) The crown on the middle bee is meant to pay homage to "King Bee" Muddy Waters.

So, I feel like I got a history lesson while drinking delicious 9% beer, so I'm calling it a win all around.

Looking forward to tomorrow's LaCBW activities, especially the release of the NOLA Brewing/New Belgium collaboration Swamp Grape Escape. It's at the Avenue Pub.

Don't forget, you can check my schedule of events to see what's happening! Go out and hoist some Louisiana beers this week.