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Parish Brewing's Dr. Hoptagon at the Avenue Pub on 9/25

Super link-a-licious this week. Not only has Louisiana's Craft Brewer Week hit the national press, but a few of my own articles came out as well.

In personal linkage, my piece on Fine Food and Craft Beer in New Orleans came out in the October issue of Where Y'At. This is also as good a time as any to announce that I'll be contributing on a bi-monthly basis for Where Y'At in 2014, so yay!

Also, just in time for Louisiana Craft Brewer Week, I was approached by Bryan of the This is Why I'm Drunk blog to participate in his Six-Pack Project, which aims to have beer lovers in different states put together a theoretical six-pack of beer that best represents the state. It was a challenge, since much of my favorite beer by local brewers is on draft only, but I think I did OK.

My most recent Gambit column is on Oktoberfest - part 1 of 2. You can also always check out my published article archive to catch up on what I'm doing.

In non-me news, on Monday, September 23, Lt. Governor Jay Dardenne officially presented the Louisiana Craft Brewery Trail that includes all the state's breweries. There were writeups in the Advocate,, and, somewhat surprisingly, USA Today. Very cool to see this recognized on a national level!

USA Today also published another article about the craft beer movement in general, and Time Magazine also got in the game listing the 7 Signs that the Craft Beer Craze Has Gone Totally Mainstream. The story that's been going around like wildfire on social media about the guy who (unintentionally) created beer in his stomach is also an interesting read. Drinking Made Easy published an amusing graphic of the Evolution of the Beer Geek, and I found a map from Seek A Brew that breaks down beer distribution state by state.

My Florida colleague, Gerard Walen, was another Six-Pack Project writer unveiled this week, and he also released an updated Florida Brewery Map and List. Just cool to see what a neighboring state is up to, and I think Gerard does great work.

To wrap up, I think sometimes simpler can be better. Witness this entry from New Orleans blogger Hadi Ktiri who runs the blog Napkin Local (I recommend checking out his other entries as well):

Image courtesy of Hadi Kitiri, Napkin Local
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