post-GABF links

My time in Denver for GABF was incredible and overwhelming and SO MUCH. I went to some great places while there: Euclid Kitchen (where we had lunch our first day and went to a great Deschutes "carnival"), Great Divide, Falling Rock, Freshcraft, Hogshead, Hops & Pie, and Lucky Pie Pizza & Tap Room. There were special promotions from breweries, especially Colorado breweries. I got a lot of info from friends and colleagues, and also this website. I'll hopefully be publishing my adventures in more detail shortly, so I'll be sure to link that next week.

Garrett Oliver pouring beer at GABF for Brooklyn Brewery

Speaking of GABF and articles I've published, here is my most recent Brewsday Tuesday article which discusses the three Louisiana breweries at the festival - NOLA Brewing, Bayou Teche, and Abita - as well as Abita's first medal win!

Kirk Coco and Shannon Goans working the NOLA Brewing booth

Gar from Bayou Teche sampling his handiwork at Bayou Teche

Keith Pumila with Abita's silver medal for Andygator in the Bock category

A couple of GABF-adjacent articles that were interesting to me was this one by NPR about women and brewing and this great interview by the Colorado Beer Girl who had a chance to sit down with Greg Koch during GABF. I like Colorado Beer Girl's entire blog, actually.

In local beer news, had a nice article and interview with the new owners of Covington Brewhouse, Senator David Vitter went to the Crescent Crown distribution warehouse, and the Congressional shutdown of the country over the budget and debt ceiling has impacted the brewing industry close to home. (shoutout to NOLA Brewing and 40 Arpent.) (due to the non-political nature of this blog, I am trying very hard not to connect the previous two links in a snarky fashion, but feel free to do that on your own.)

In local-adjacent news, it's great to see how our neighbors in Alabama are doing with their craft beer scene.

Last but not least, there's a great looking NOLA beer dinner at Emeril's Delmonico next week. I met with the chef, and he and his team went to the NOLA tap house and picked the beers they thought would work best, then created the menu around them. It looks SO good.

Till next week!