Your Regularly Scheduled Thursday Links

Happy Thursday!

It's a quiet week for my own work, but here's my second Oktoberfest column in the Gambit. Hope everyone is ramping up for Oktoberfest at Deutsches Haus or checking out the gorgeous Franconian lagers at the Avenue Pub. Prost!

I did notice that Eater NOLA has been sharing many of my stories and calling me the "beer whisperer" which is pretty funny.

There are a bunch of State of Louisiana enforcement shenanigans regarding serving homebrew beer at non-profit/charitable events going on right now. A lot of the activity seems to be in Facebook threads in the Brasseurs a la Maison homebrew club out of Baton Rouge right now, but it seems that the state ATC commissioner is refusing to grant homebrew event permits due to issues of people indirectly paying for their beer as well as health and safety, by enforcing the provisions of the 2010 law that say that homebrew can only be served at homebrew club meetings to homebrew club members. It's a pretty narrow interpretation of the law and there is some hope that through meeting with Commissioner Hebert, this can be resolved. You can check out an online pdf of the law in question here.

The Advocate has been doing some good stuff on the business side of local craft beer. This week they reported on the Covington Brewhouse's new ownership.

Jay Ducote of Bite & Booze does a great overview of Tin Roof's new bottled black double IPA, Rougarou. (I have a bottle of this in my fridge just waiting for me to get past my deadlines to try.)

What does your favorite beer say about you?
Last but not least, I laughed hard at this "Complete Guide to Craft Beer At Your Local Bar." My favorites were:  "Barton Bros Something Weird Like Oh I Don't Know Fish Heads Ale" and "Twin Forks Obligatory Red Ale."