All Saints Day Weekly News

Did a photo shoot at Restaurant August for an upcoming article in Southern Brew News
Hope everyone had a great Halloween! I know the weekend ahead is still the holiday weekend, sort of, so stay safe and drink well. I am sort of a fuddy-duddy when it comes to Halloween - living in Salem, MA for 5 years can do that to a person. But at least now I enjoy being Halloween-adjacent, if not quite celebratory.

Anyway! November brings my article on craft beer in the Houma area and the area's first beer festival, the Bayou Beer Fest (on Nov. 16) in Point of Vue magazine.  I was hoping my article on beer bars in New Orleans would be up on the Where Y'At website for their November issue, but they may be keeping the late-Oct issue content up through the weekend.

I was able to catch up with new Covington Brewhouse owners Brian Broussard and David Arbo at their "Meet the Brewers" night during the town's Columbia Street block party last Friday. The brewery was bustling and everyone seemed genuinely excited about the new energy in the air. I wrote a Brewsday Tuesday piece about the new ownership and other upcoming changes.

I also was able to squeeze one last Oktoberfest article in before the end of the month. Check it out at The Alcohol Professor website.

In other local news written by people who aren't me, Brenton Day, AKA The Ale Runner, confirmed the rumor I'd been hearing that Terrapin Brewing in Atlanta will begin distribution in Louisiana starting in January. (My sources say January 1.) It looks like they've signed with Crescent Crown. More distribution news from's Todd Price - Crooked Letter Brewing from Mississippi has entered the market here this week, as they'd predicted back in the summer.

Price also followed up on last week's Uptown Messenger piece on Courtyard Brewing's meeting with their new neighbors in Coliseum Square, and included updates on all the other breweries in process, which is a great roundup! Also, Antigravity visits the NOLA Taproom.

Interested in figuring out what's fact and what's myth with the history of the beloved IPA beer style? This piece breaks it down for you.

Thoughts on if the craft beer industry is headed for a "craft beer bubble" like the one in the mid-90s.

In food and beer news, here's an article that I read that is actually very similar to my own take on smoked beers. I don't like to drink them on their own, but they pair really well with food and doing so makes them much more palatable for me.

And in Beer News of the Weird, folks over in Europe have brought us beer-flavored spread that one might use for breakfast in place of Nutella or the like. Allrighty then!